January Series

Hello and welcome to the January Series. We're delighted that you've decided to enter.

This entry should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete, assuming you already have some information prepared on your business which you can share with us. We do ask to include a short video (up to 2 mins) and/or a summary document (up to 2 pages) that describes your business. Please also note that our application form works best in a Chrome browser so if you experience any technical hitches, it might be worth giving that a go. 

Please remember that if you were to win the competition, you will be selling a stake in your business in return for SEIS/EIS investment, where the value of the business will be agreed with Worth Capital during the qualifying stages of the competition. Furthermore, Worth Capital will take an option in your business. The percentage value & terms of which will be negotiated during the later qualifying stages of the competition. 

Best of luck!